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How to Medicate Throughout the Day

Medical marijuana is not a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, as different strains may affect patients in very different ways. One strain may make one person feel stimulated relaxed and sedated, while another person may feel energized and motivated. There a handful of factors that impact the effect a person gets when consuming medical marijuana. These factors are the amount or dosage a person is consuming, the strain of medical marijuana, the method of consumption, the setting in which a person meditates, past experience, mood, and diet.

Cannabis has 3 subspecies, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and dannabis ruderalis, the former two being the most commonly used for medicating. All types of medical marijuana produce similar effects, but they can also affect you differently depending on the strain and your condition. Some of these effects include pain, nausea control, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid.

Individual strains of medical marijuana contain different cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids are the compounds that produce the effects a person experiences when consuming medical marijuana. The two major compounds are THC which is psychoactive and CBD which is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a “high” feeling. Terpenes are the cannabinoids that produce smell and taste. It is largely reported that different strains are better for different conditions and desired effects. For example, strains that contain a higher CBD to THC ratio are known to provide better pain relief, but effects will still vary for each person based on the factors we listed above.  

Read on to learn more about the different strains of medical marijuana, their effects, ways to consume medical marijuana and a method of documenting your experiences to understand the best way to use medical marijuana for your condition.

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid


Sativa strains typically affect your mind and overall mood. Sativa strains produce stimulating effects and most prefer to use it during the daytime because it doesn’t seem to interfere with normal tasks and daily functions. However, patients may experience varying effects, and this is by no means the standard for every person.

A few of the main effects that Sativas produce are stimulation, energizing, heightened sense of well-being, creativity, and focus. Some conditions that it works well for treating are depression, headaches, migraines, and nausea. Other reported side effects are increased appetite, and in some cases increased anxiety and feelings of paranoia. We reccommend starting at the lowest possible dose and working your way up slowly to see how the strain effects you.


Indica strains tend to produce a heavy and sedated feeling, this is why most people prefer them for nightime consumption. Indica strains provide some very useful and therapeutic effects like relaxation, stress reduction and sleep aid. They are also known to reduce pain, spasms, anxiety, nausea and seizure frequency.


Hybrids are bred from crossing two or more varieties of strains, with one of the strain usually being dominant. For example, an indica-dominant hybrid is going to produce more of the indicas traditional effects. Hybrid strains have worked very well in combating common conditions nausea by increasing appetite.

Documenting your Cannabis Use

The last step of finding the best way to medicate throughout the day is keeping a journal. In this journal, you will document your medical marijuana use and the effects that you experience related to strains, dosage, consumption method, and time of the day. This does not have to be daily but it helps to document when you smoke so that you can understand how your body reacts to medical marijuana. To find a suitable treatment with medical marijuana you will need to find a balance between the effects of strains, doses, and methods of consumption. Here are some helpful tips for documenting your medical marijuana use.    

Date and time

This will help you understand how medical marijuana affects you at different times of the day.

Dose size

It’s always best to start off with small doses but keeping specific track of what amount you are taking can help you narrow down a consistent amount to consume that produces the relief you’re looking for.


Noting what strain your smoking and more specifically indica or sativa will give you an idea of what effects the medical marijuana will produce.

Consumption method

This comes down to personal preference and it helps to try most of the consumption methods to figure out what works best in your life.

Effects (Positive or negative)

Write a few notes on your experience and the effects that specific strain gave to you, whether its negative or positive this will help you learn how your body reacts to different strains and will ultimately show you which combination of time of day, dose size, strain and consumption method that works for you.

This is the foundation on which you can create your own unique medication routine that fits best in your life. We recommend speaking to the pharmacist or employees at your local dispensary as they will be able to give you detailed information on the medical marijuana products you are purchasing and consuming.

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