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Customer Testimonials

18:28 14 Jun 24
Staci is awesome. Friendly and happy all the time. I like her positive energy
Giuseppe OfficialGiuseppe Official
22:14 13 Jun 24
It’s a great dispensary with great prices and good people!!!
Jon DyerJon Dyer
01:20 13 Jun 24
Freindly staff. Clean and neat environment.
Becky WatkisBecky Watkis
16:46 09 Jun 24
This place is great. Not only do you get great products at a reasonable price, but the people are awesome…ALL of them. This week I was lucky to get Staci helping me. She is so sweet, always makes me laugh, and is knowledgeable about the products. On top of all this, they have a great rewards program including the 20% I get off all the time because I am disabled. A big thank you to everyone at Restore for helping me manage my pain!
Joshua FeltonJoshua Felton
22:20 31 May 24
Fast, there was a number of customers and each was taken care of efficiently.
April CaldwellApril Caldwell
17:18 26 May 24
Staff is knowledgeable and Pleasant.Very nice atmosphere.
Margie TiernoMargie Tierno
01:10 16 May 24
09:05 10 May 24
I love this place!
Jill BrookerJill Brooker
19:26 08 May 24
Great staff very knowledgeable
14:02 03 May 24
The cashiers are very curious and they really help you with all of your needs. This place is awesome. C. Dragon
Stephen EmsleyStephen Emsley
22:33 01 May 24
Edward LloydEdward Lloyd
01:12 26 Apr 24
Janice RaelJanice Rael
21:08 19 Apr 24
Restore Elkins Park rocks my socks! The discounts are right on time. Restore has a wide variety of different items for medical needs of cardholders. The staff is kind and friendly.
Tiffany MatthewsTiffany Matthews
19:43 11 Apr 24
I always leave happy 😊
Keeair HagansKeeair Hagans
19:05 11 Apr 24
I like Restore because they offer a wide variety of products but it’s the customer service that keeps me coming back to the Elkins Park location I mean their customer service is Awesome from referrals to a friendly smile I’m always treated good especially by Staci, Chukk, Keeni and Nichole usually are my cashiers when I visit and they do an exceptional job their friendly knowledgeable and are very good at what they do they alway are polite welcoming and have great sense of humor I mean each of them and I’m not taking anything away from any other employee because on the chance I do have someone different help me they do a excellent job as well but those I named above usually help me out and go above and beyond I make sure to tip when I visit it’s not required but I appreciate great customer service Elkins Park restore from the security the front desk to the sales associates they do a excellent job!
Captain NutsackCaptain Nutsack
18:40 06 Apr 24
Always amazing stock and the crowds have been much better since 2021. Right during and after the pandemic this place was a madhouse daily with people spending their gubment pandemic bucks. I never wait long and the online reservation works perfect for me. As long as they don't bring back the lunatic-communist mask policy, I'll keep coming. They also have a great rewards system. You get roughly $5 off for every $50 you spend I believe. It has to accrue first though. So if it's your first purchase you don't get $5 off but your next one you will have the option. This is the most generous rewards program I have seen at any PA dispensary. I've been to 5 different ones.The employees are really friendly too and they are mostly young people. Which is honestly exactly what you want. They know what they are talking about about and most have cards themselves. They are honest....I've had employees several times suggest I get a different product than I selected....because he/she knows the one I got sucks or has a bad reputation.
05:47 02 Apr 24
Jahongir IbadovJahongir Ibadov
13:25 29 Mar 24
Tamara ColemanTamara Coleman
15:44 27 Mar 24
I loveeee this location!!!! Very friendly and always a vibe!!!! Kendra Stacey Both short and tall Vinces Amir and Rachel alwaaaays have a great vibe and if they are not there Chuck will surely make sure he takes great care of you! There's even a new guy Amos he fits in with the crew!!!! This location and its budtenders are sooo professional and dope!
01:26 24 Mar 24
Extremely proud of Restore. One of the best medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Staff is amazing which makes this place the perfect choice.💯
Robin DanielsRobin Daniels
16:08 20 Mar 24
Great store and great customer service. Folks go out of their way to help. Friendly and NICE!The menu is always quite extensive.One of the managers helped me access a program I was eligible for that really helped the affordability for me.Thank you!!!!
Alethia MathisAlethia Mathis
11:16 13 Mar 24
This location is great. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I don’t understand why I needed to show additional ID when my driver’s license is the same…just a dumb rule
Hannah SpragueHannah Sprague
20:07 08 Mar 24
Lisa SmithLisa Smith
23:43 07 Mar 24
Great customer service
Michael HallMichael Hall
22:21 07 Mar 24
Gerald MyersGerald Myers
18:31 01 Mar 24
I was in a hurry so I stopped by it because of the convenience, this was a great experience.
Joseph DonahueJoseph Donahue
10:20 28 Feb 24
This place is awesome. Everyone working at this location is positive and friendly.I don’t go elsewhere.
Kathleen JacksonKathleen Jackson
14:31 24 Feb 24
John KitchJohn Kitch
18:29 20 Feb 24
Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Rasul HallRasul Hall
01:29 13 Feb 24
Really nice fast customer service..very polite.
Debbie WhiteDebbie White
03:13 05 Feb 24
Tanya KeysTanya Keys
21:50 01 Feb 24
I love the atmosphere everyone treats you like family
William PowellWilliam Powell
13:31 30 Jan 24
Always friendly atmosphere here. Been on several different occasions and it's always great
Cynthia GCynthia G
18:20 29 Jan 24
Any Restore location that you go to they are always helpful and always have long variety of strains .
Darryl BellDarryl Bell
17:12 24 Jan 24
Been there so much they’re like second family shout out to my boy Ludacris and my girl Rachel I just have one request, expand the flower menu. It’s getting old other than that with store in Elkins Park is one of the best dispensaries in the city.
Moniquea Theresa-NMoniquea Theresa-N
04:35 13 Jan 24
The staff are very knowledgeable, and always willing to help. I've never had to wait an extremely long time to be helped. Love going to this location.
Darryle DunbarDarryle Dunbar
17:12 16 Dec 23
I travel to all dispensaries to find the best products,and prices,and Restore has to be my number 1 go to spot. Always a great selection, everyday deals, and knowledgeable,friendly staff. Even when it’s crowded, the line moves fast.

What to Bring on your Dispensary Visit

Medical Marijuana Card

Ensure you have a valid and up-to-date medical marijuana card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Without it, you won’t be able to purchase medical marijuana.

– Form of Identification

Bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity and age.

– Cash

While some dispensaries may accept credit or debit cards, it’s advisable to bring cash as some may only operate on a cash basis.

– Prescription Information

If you have specific recommendations or prescriptions from your healthcare provider, bring them along. This information can help dispensary staff provide you with the most appropriate products.

– List of Questions

Prepare a list of questions or concerns you may have about different strains, products, or methods of consumption. Dispensary staff are typically knowledgeable and can offer guidance based on your individual needs.

Restore Rewards

Save money on your favorite products with our dispensary rewards program. With each Restore purchase, you’ll earn points that are redeemable on future orders. The more you shop, the more you save!

1)  Automatically enroll with your first purchase!

2) Earn points with every order.

3) Spend points in-store!

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How to Find Us in Elkins Park

Our Elkins Park dispensary is located on Old York Road next to the Getty station at the corner of Old York Road and Stahr Road. If you’re heading northbound on 611, the dispensary is just past the Elkins Park train station, directly after the overpass.

We are easily accessible from Abington, Jenkintown, Willow Grove, Cheltenham, Olney, and other surrounding areas in Montgomery County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Why We Love Elkins Park

Elkins Park, located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is a residential suburb with historical significance and unique characteristics. Here are some aspects that make Elkins Park special:

Historical Architecture: Elkins Park is known for its well-preserved historical architecture. The area features a variety of architectural styles, including Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Tudor homes. Cheltenham Township, where Elkins Park is situated, has a rich history dating back to the 19th century.

Green Spaces: Elkins Park boasts several parks and green spaces, providing residents with recreational areas and a connection to nature. Cheltenham Township has a commitment to preserving green spaces and ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.

Diverse Community: Elkins Park has a diverse and vibrant community, offering a mix of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. The community’s diversity is reflected in its businesses, restaurants, and cultural events.

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