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Customer Testimonials

Nikki OrtizNikki Ortiz
20:31 09 May 24
Was assisted today by a fellow Phillies fan had a nice time at the dispensary and will be back.
Pete BurkePete Burke
17:49 08 May 24
01:44 23 Feb 24
Being treated like the medical patient that I am again was so refreshing! Please go here if you have a Medical Card. They will take care of you, and Breakwater is a fabulous product.
clint rhodaclint rhoda
15:49 06 Feb 24
Overall a good experience. They gave me 20 percent off for being a new customer so that was nice. The Breakwater product was excellent. The 1/8th of Kind product and Find product were not the best. They seemed very dry and old. Besides those 2 8ths everything else was good.Upon return this place seems understaffed. There was 2 customers in front of me and I had to wait 20 mins. For the pricing you guys charge here you should be able to afford to have more then one cashier.
Wilmer DelgadoWilmer Delgado
11:43 20 Dec 23
Product expensive compared to Pennsylvania Restore. Better deal for bud on street is cheaper or grow your own for that price.
Anthony PhillipsAnthony Phillips
20:42 11 Dec 23
Love this place. The entire staff is so nice & very helpful with recommendations. I used to always go to the botanist as a medical patient, but ever since I found out about Restore a while back, I haven't been to another dispensary ever since.(Edit) still love this place 12-11-23(Edit) still love it 3-9-24 just got vacy pineapple mimosa vapes 😍
Chong PookaChong Pooka
15:52 04 Dec 23
Fair place for medicine. Do breakwater flower come to you place sealed up? I look at pic on here and me PBB#240 I buy from restore glassboro no look like other pic of flower on here look like machine trim different flower like curastink. Did breakwater trim person switch on me? No much effects I no see how 33% but test number in state different story. I read no return of flower after purchase but want to know who beat me.
Anthony BoyleAnthony Boyle
14:48 23 Nov 23
I go to the Restore to get my medicine.This is a medical Marijuana store ONLY. They have Breakwater bud plus many other types. But the best thing is the people who work there they know what they are talking about. Best of all they ARE NICE PEOPLE.
Trisha SmithTrisha Smith
05:20 14 Nov 23
The last of a dying breed.. I'll say that. I can not stand what all these shops have turned into since recreational. Restore is the only one still medical only and staying true to the medical culture. I appreciate that. I appreciate that you are not ran by a huge MSO so your able to get your hands on great products such as breakwater products. Thank you and your staff for staying true to what medical marijuana culture was before recreational. Jersey people are just different and we get set in our ways... MSOs will never get the jersey market the way companies like yours does. Thank you for being so personal, small, quiet, and friendly!Thank you to your security as well! I did not get his name but the day I checked in.. it was my first time at this store. Yes, I have been a patient for years but every store is different. I had no clue what to do and I'm very shy. He was so nice and just pleasant. Thank you for making it a safe and comfortable experience.
Andrew SicklerAndrew Sickler
00:30 26 Oct 23
RESTORE in Glassboro, NJ is by FAR the BEST Dispensary in Southern Jersey! Restore dispensary is also partnered with Breawater. I highly recommend if you need Quality, Terpene filled, high THCa buds by Breakwater and Hillview! Restore also carries every other brands in the njmmp such as Cookies, Gage, Triple777, Seedandstrainco, Saaavy, Verano, LIT, Rythm, Grassroots, Kind Tree, etc. more coming in!Also carry concentrates for your Dabs and the Dablicator RSO and Live Resin. HASH ROSIN Vapes by Breakwater. Hash Rosin Solventless Gummies by Breakwater!By far my fav edibles and Flower over any other brand. So glad i can purchase Breakwater and Hillview products in South Jersey! Coming from a cannabis enthusiast and njmmp patient take my word and visit this place. MEDICAL Patients ONLY! Check it out you will be amazed from their menu.
lisa ellerlisa eller
06:01 07 Sep 23
A great dispensary! In and out in minutes. We were there around 5 pm and there were no lines, no waiting. I believe they just recently opened, so the volume of people will probably change soon, but our visit was excellent! The staff were very friendly and very helpful, and good prices too!! I will definitely go again! I don’t buy for my self but a family member of mine does and this was reported to me as soon as they got in the car. They give it high recommendations !

What to Bring on your Dispensary Visit

– Medical Marijuana Card

Ensure you have a valid and up-to-date medical marijuana card issued by the New Jersey Department of Health. Without it, you won’t be able to purchase medical marijuana.

– Form of Identification

Bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity and age.

– Cash

While some dispensaries may accept credit or debit cards, it’s advisable to bring cash as some may only operate on a cash basis.

– Prescription Information (if applicable)

If you are a medical marijuana patient, bringing information about your prescription may be helpful. This could include the dosage prescribed by your healthcare provider.

– List of Questions

Prepare a list of questions or concerns you may have about different strains, products, or methods of consumption. Dispensary staff are typically knowledgeable and can offer guidance based on your individual needs.

Restore Rewards

Save money on your favorite products with our dispensary rewards program. With each Restore purchase, you’ll earn points that are redeemable on future orders. The more you shop, the more you save!

1)  Automatically enroll with your first purchase!

2) Earn points with every order.

3) Spend points in-store!

How to Find Us in Glassboro

Restore Glassboro is our first New Jersey dispensary location! This location is Medical only. We are located on William L Dalton Drive near the heart of Glassboro, and easily accessible from the surrounding areas.

Why We Love Glassboro

Glassboro, New Jersey, has several unique aspects that contribute to its charm and appeal. Here are some of our favorite features that make Glassboro unique!

The Landis Theater: The Landis Theater, located in downtown Glassboro, is a historic venue that has been restored and repurposed for live performances, concerts, and events. It contributes to the cultural and entertainment scene of the community.

Pitman-Glassboro Road Historic District: This historic district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, showcases well-preserved examples of early 19th-century architecture, providing a glimpse into the borough’s history.

Rowan University: One of the defining features of Glassboro is the presence of Rowan University. The university has grown significantly over the years and has become an integral part of the community. The presence of a higher education institution brings diversity, cultural events, and economic activity to the area.

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