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Customer Testimonials

Steve MooreSteve Moore
18:40 17 May 24
I'd shop here more but your website on mobile is unable to be used.
Jeff PuttJeff Putt
21:11 14 May 24
Great people and great products!
Kyle BKyle B
06:35 30 Apr 24
Pa MMJ is very far behind compared to product availability but of dispos locally this is the one with largest inventory selections
Alex BarcioAlex Barcio
00:16 30 Apr 24
Poor store policy followed by rude management and poor treatment of staff. Additionally employees are incentivized to leave bias reviews in order to receive promotion products. Also the bathroom was out for months and as a department of health building as they praise themselves to be, is not following DOH policy or law.
Noah BoughterNoah Boughter
16:47 24 Apr 24
If you’re in the Lancaster area this is my #1 recommended dispo. Their staff is always friendly and informational if you have any questions. 10/10 would recommend, be there or be square.
Shamus StoutzenbergerShamus Stoutzenberger
14:48 21 Apr 24
Dylan EvansDylan Evans
20:20 20 Apr 24
Jean LloydJean Lloyd
12:37 19 Apr 24
Amanda SperdutoAmanda Sperduto
20:45 18 Apr 24
Small parking lot. Line outside. Go in and wait longer. SLOWEST dispensary I have ever been to!!!!! Go to any other place NOT here!!!!!!!!!
Lisa DraceLisa Drace
13:21 17 Apr 24
Very very nice staff!Usually nice selection. They do offer discounts of various types.
Jon IshmaelJon Ishmael
22:02 01 Apr 24
I started the program going to Cure/Sunnyside but switching to Restore was the best choice I've made yet. Great staff, knowlegable and they treat you good. Also in my opinion it doesn't feel like I'm going to my dealer, more like an actually medical ganja place. VERY unlike Sunnyside.
Tita DelgadoTita Delgado
16:38 21 Mar 24
Website is always down just dont it. Its so frustrating when all u want to do is place an order so ones in and out . I believe they are loosing alot of business because of this issue
Charity DrewesCharity Drewes
18:01 18 Mar 24
Derek CaswellDerek Caswell
18:45 17 Mar 24
I was inside of this place today and I heard two different people talking behind the counter. The one was writing a review for something so he could get some samples from the dispensary for free since he worked there. So don't believe any reviews on anything on there because they're 90% probably fake. Because apparently they give their employee samples if they write reviews
Diana RodriguezDiana Rodriguez
09:12 12 Mar 24
Grade ZGrade Z
16:16 09 Mar 24
19:39 27 Feb 24
Great place
Sugar SugarSugar Sugar
14:25 27 Feb 24
Thank you kitty for all the help and good vibes! The deal went through by the way and the vape was a great choice!
16:51 24 Feb 24
This company defrauds their customers and refuses to honor their posted discounts. Their staff is very poorly trained and unable to articulate their discount program. They lead me to believe they were offering me a new customer discount of 30% off of the quoted price which they did not honor. I tried to reach out to rectify the issue and the Assistant manager incredulous and rudely mocked me saying "we arent going to give you 60% off" and quickly ended the phone call with a snarky "have a nice day" I will never go back and I highly recommend no one else waste their money at this joke of a dispensary.
Debora WestDebora West
17:15 22 Feb 24
Still my favorite Dispensary in Lancaster County! 2 year very satisfied customer! Your staff are so friendly, I'm a Veteran and pleased about the discount. Love you Restore crew!
Liz HoffmanLiz Hoffman
14:33 15 Feb 24
Family..... u r treated with the utmost respect and compassion.... everyone is so up to speed and truly helpful.. shout out to Mr. John.. at the door... sam... erinn..carrie..taylor..smiley andrew.. forest....josh... al my girlies if I forgot sorry and pharmacists are tops..... you don't Have to be truly kind... but U all are.... u seet a high standard... run don't walk get to restore near you.. killer product and deals 143 420
Alyssa SAlyssa S
22:43 12 Feb 24
Kitty you’re perfect! Thank you for great service, great recommendations and a beautiful attitude. I will always request for you to help me out.
Amanda BellamyAmanda Bellamy
18:55 11 Feb 24
Staff was great and the time I spent there was pleasant
a wintersa winters
20:22 08 Feb 24
Julian MalaveJulian Malave
18:09 08 Feb 24
Usually has the best selection of strains. Also usually has good sales on the better brands as well which is what usually brings me there.
Rhonda EdingerRhonda Edinger
12:34 06 Feb 24
Very nice place They are very knowledgeable also Very friendly faces
Jeff BrightJeff Bright
01:30 04 Feb 24
Javier RamosJavier Ramos
15:22 30 Jan 24
Great place to shop at
Teresa MahlandtTeresa Mahlandt
01:00 26 Jan 24
Awesome! Always professional caring and knowledgeable staff
Alexis LindsayAlexis Lindsay
18:47 22 Jan 24
Always an amazingly pleasant experience visiting. The staff is so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Ethan MateyakEthan Mateyak
22:33 08 Nov 23
I’ve been to the Lancaster store a lot. Every time I go in I am always happy with the kind staff, easy to follow system, and wonderful selection they have. On my recent visit a worker named Kitty was very kind and patient as I was having issues with my card.
Natasha YoungNatasha Young
23:46 06 Nov 23
One of my favorite go to Dispensary ‘s! The selection is great and so are the employees. Today I had the pleasure of being taken care of by Kitty. Kitty was so helpful, nice and professional. Great overall experience and would highly recommend 🤗
Epileptic AntEpileptic Ant
19:16 14 Oct 23
The staff at this dispensary are very kind and caring. They are also very respectful when helping patients. Andrew one of the staff members was very positive and motivated. When I walked into the dispensary his energy truly made me feel good inside. You never know what a patient is going through the positivity he shows truly is great.
Mrs. MartinMrs. Martin
22:53 01 Sep 23
1st visit here. Everyone was very welcoming. The pharmacist gave me great recommendations on what to try. She was very helpful. The front desk staff was very nice. The gal behind the counter was also helpful. It would be even more wonderful if they did home delivery since I had to drive 25 miles. (LOL) I chose this place since they got such good reviews. Keep up the good work!
Jen LoJen Lo
17:05 31 Aug 23
I had a rough morning-rushing around! Had to swing by Restore to pick up my medication. Megan greeted me and called me back. She was happy, smiling and enthusiastic! Just a joy to deal with! Thank you Megan and restore for always being so friendly! I will recommend your dispensary always!

What to Bring on your Dispensary Visit

– Medical Marijuana Card

Ensure you have a valid and up-to-date medical marijuana card issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Without it, you won’t be able to purchase medical marijuana.

– Form of Identification

Bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity and age.

– Cash

While some dispensaries may accept credit or debit cards, it’s advisable to bring cash as some may only operate on a cash basis.

– Prescription Information

If you have specific recommendations or prescriptions from your healthcare provider, bring them along. This information can help dispensary staff provide you with the most appropriate products.

– List of Questions

Prepare a list of questions or concerns you may have about different strains, products, or methods of consumption. Dispensary staff are typically knowledgeable and can offer guidance based on your individual needs.

Restore Rewards

Save money on your favorite products with our dispensary rewards program. With each Restore purchase, you’ll earn points that are redeemable on future orders. The more you shop, the more you save!

1)  Automatically enroll with your first purchase!

2) Earn points with every order.

3) Spend points in-store!

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How to Find Us in Lancaster

Our address is 5471 Main Street, near the intersection of Main Street and Miller Road. We are within walking distance of East Petersburg Community Fitness Park, Dunkin’ Donuts, Belly’s Barbeque & Burrito, Mad Chef Son’s Brewing, Wawa, and Son’s Ice Cream.

Only a short drive from downtown Lancaster, Restore is easily accessible from Lancaster Junction, Fruitville, Manheim, Neffsville, Bamford, and Kissel Hill- to name a few surrounding towns.

Why We Love Lancaster

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a city with a rich history and unique features that make it special. Here are some of its aspects that make Lancaster a distinctive and special city!

Historical Significance: Did you know that Lancaster played a crucial role in American history? It was the capital of the United States for a day in 1777 during the American Revolution when the Continental Congress fled from Philadelphia. The city has preserved many historic buildings and sites, including the Wheatland, the former home of President James Buchanan.

Central Market: The Lancaster Central Market, established in 1730, is one of the oldest continuously operating farmers’ markets in the country. It’s a vibrant hub for fresh produce, artisanal foods, crafts, and more, showcasing the local community’s diversity and entrepreneurship.

Lancaster County Conservancy: Nature enthusiasts can appreciate the natural beauty of Lancaster County through the efforts of the Lancaster County Conservancy. There are various nature preserves and trails that allow residents and visitors to connect with the outdoors.

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