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Exploring Medical Cannabis in New Jersey: What Patients Need to Know

Discover the transformative world of medical cannabis in New Jersey with Restore. From legal insights to obtaining your registry card, we're your community-focused guide
Discover the transformative world of medical cannabis in New Jersey with Restore. From legal insights to obtaining your registry card, we're your community-focused guide

As medical cannabis in New Jersey continues to evolve, many of our neighbors across the Garden State find themselves seeking clarity. Whether you’re considering a journey into alternative therapy with medical cannabis or simply desire to be a well-informed member of our community, rest assured, you’ve discovered a safe space in us!

Here at Restore, a medical cannabis dispensary licensed by the state of New Jersey, we’re committed to traversing this journey with you. We aim to empower you with reliable, succinct information in an accessible, compassionate, and professional setting. Our mission extends beyond being a mere dispensary. We’re your support system, your educational hub, and your community leader in cannabis-based healing.

In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the crucial elements every New Jersey patient should know about. From gaining insight into the legal groundwork shaping our state’s medical cannabis affairs to understanding the steps you need to follow to obtain and safely utilize medical cannabis, we’re right here with you. We believe in engaging and informing—not just providing a product.

So come along—let’s explore the transformative landscape of medical cannabis together. Here at Restore, we’re not just about cannabis; we’re about community, education, and most importantly—your wellbeing.

Understanding New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program

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Firstly, New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program (NJMCP) registers patients under the care of licensed healthcare practitioners and helps those patients safely access cannabis-based medicine from regulated and monitored facilities. To be eligible for this program, you must have: 

  • A bonafide relationship with a healthcare professional who is registered with the program
  • NJ residency
  • One of the qualifying diagnoses, as outlined on the program’s website.

If you check all these boxes, you or your caregiver can start the process of registering for the NJMCP. These are the steps that it takes to get a registry card: 

  1. Consult a qualifying healthcare provider.

Establish a relationship with a healthcare provider registered with the NJMCP. They will assess your medical condition and determine if you qualify for medical cannabis treatment. Restore offers discounted certification rates with authorizing providers through our partners at Leafwell. Use promo code RESTORE to receive $15 off the cost of your appointment!

  1. Obtain an Authorizing Provider Statement.

If your healthcare provider determines that you qualify for medical cannabis, they will issue you an Authorizing Provider Statement. This statement will include your reference ID and registry ID numbers, which you will need to create an account in the NJMCP patient portal.

  1. Create an account in the NJMCP patient portal.

Visit the NJMCP patient portal and create an account using your reference ID and registry ID numbers. You will need to provide personal information, proof of residency, and a digital photo.

  1. Complete the application for participation in the NJMCP.

Once you have created an account, you can complete the application for participation in the NJMCP. The application includes questions about your medical condition, your current medications, and your preferred Alternative Treatment Center (ATC).

  1. Pay the application fee.

The application fee for a medical cannabis patient registry card is $50. You can pay the fee online using a credit card or debit card. This state fee is in addition to the cost of first obtaining an Authorizing Provider Statement. A reduced fee of $20 is offered to qualifying individuals (Seniors 65+, Military Veterans, and recipients of certain form of government assistance).

  1. Submit your application.

Once you have completed the application and paid the fee, submit your application online. You will receive an email notification when your application has been received.

  1. Receive your patient ID card.

If your application is approved, you will receive your medical cannabis patient registry card in the mail within 30 days. Your state registration will be valid for two years. However, you will need to renew your Authorizing Provider Statement annually. 

Once you receive your patient ID card, you or a registered caregiver  can visit a medical cannabis dispensary. In a 30-day period, you can purchase up to 84g of cannabis flower. Terminally ill patients are exempt from purchase limits.

For The Best Medical Cannabis in New Jersey – Come Experience Restore Dispensaries’ Glassboro Location!

At Restore Dispensaries, patients are welcomed into an environment where health transformation is at the forefront. Known as a premier medical dispensary with several locations in Pennsylvania, Restore’s Glassboro location brings its commitment to quality, safety, and patient education to New Jersey. 

Here, individuals seeking relief can find a compassionate team ready to guide them through a carefully curated selection of medical cannabis products. Whether you’re new to medical cannabis or a seasoned user, Restore is your partner in navigating toward a restored sense of health and vitality. 

Be sure to check out our online dispensary menu before your next visit:

Come visit us in-store, or send us a message! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get back to you ASAP.

*The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*

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